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How could I buy Jeunesse products online?

If all this seems fantastic to you, and would like to feel the effects on your skin or in your body, you have 3 ways to try the products.

  1. Retail purchase: On this website you can buy whereever you live. Choose the country you live in, at the right corner on the top, so you will see the right prices and language and the products available in your region. according to your country. Here is for example England.

You do not have to be a Distributor to purchase retail from Jeunesse Global. You can purchase products without having to sign up for auto-ship if you prefer to just order retail.   Purchase any products that are currently available as a retail customer through our homepage:  

  1. Preferred customer: If you want to have 25% discount as a customer, then you have to ask for the “preferred” price, by clicking into the right place and also give a username and a password. So when you return back next time, you just write your username and password, and immadiately you can continue shopping with the 25% discount price.
  2. Joining as a distributor. If you are opened to recommend the products to others and earn commission, there is a possibility to join as a distributor and get the products 40% cheaper as well.

Join our family here

For example, Reserve cost this way only 91 euro. In this case there is a one-time-paid licence registration fee,, the price is about 32 euro . To have experience with the products,, you have to choose between several packages or you can create your own by choosing a few products. The order  must reach at least 100 CV points, which is about 220-280 euro. There are several business packages too, offering a range of advantages, and necessary product experience to reach higher business level, and grow faster.

For signing up, you have to create your own username, which will be your personal registration link as well. Please check, if the chosen URL name is available!

Fill the registration form logically, choose your package or create one for at least 100 CV points. Then pick a shipping address and chose the payment method, and pay it online.

  • On the “Join Jeunesse Family Page” you will be asked to provide a “Main Site URL”. Type in your preferred user name ie. firstnamelastname – NO caps or spaces. This username will be incorporated into your replicated website address.
  • After you have received your welcome email, click on your new website and find the BACK OFFICE tab in the upper right hand corner. In your Back Office, go to the SHOP tab, where you will be able to place your order at the wholesale price.

We are waiting for you in our  amazing team, to help you reach your personal goals.

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