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DXN Cosmetics


One World! One Beauty!
DXN Gempyuri: For shiny skin like a jewel through the gift of nature.

DXN Gempyuri

G1: Application of excellent fermentation technology to natural ingredients.
DXN Gempyuri contains natural ingredients of pure supernatural energy and works with the skin cells.

A natural cosmetic brand with ultimate high-performance developed that will help to optimize the skin condition.

G2: Application of ‘Hydrolyzed RNA’ technology, similar to the human proteome RNA is a component that controls the production of various substances for the skin. It also plays a role in giving skin rejuvenation and regeneration.

G3: Natural Herbal Preservatives. Consistent research and development over ten years has resulted in high technology, first prevented as a natural preservative in the nation.

DXN M Miracle – Vitality of the sea into your skin with Marine Liposome.

Deep sea water algae, also known as the “herb of the ocean”.

A skincare series that helps penetrate ingredients of marine resources, suc as collagen, deep into the skin through liposome technology.

5 Core Technologies:

1. Marine Herb Complex: Microalgae provides antioxidant substances such as the enzyme, peptide and natural substance, ‘MMAs (My-cosporine-like Aminoacids)’ by itself. MMAs absorbs UV rays to provide sun protection.

2. Marine Collagen: Marine Collagen is a collagen derived from marine elements like seaweed and algae. Such marine collagen can be found in our M Miracle Marine Liposome SKin Care Series and are generally used to improve skin condition.

3. Deep Sea Water: Deep Sea Water was taken from the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, the world’s largest deep-sea water-industrial complex.

4. Peptide Complex: Promotes synthesis of collagen by using Peptide Complex.

5. Liposome: Liposome technology applied in products acts as a vehicle guiding the beneficial properties from ingredients to be delivered into the skin layers, offering an enhancement of bioavalability, biocompatibility and efficacy of skin care products significantly.

DXN MASK PACK – Essential Masks.

DXN Gempyuri Mask helps to revitalize and brighten up the skin.

  • Brightens and improves skin tone.
  • Revitalizing and moisturizing effect.

DXN Tea Tree Essential Mask helps to calm and tranquilize your skin for a refreshing look.

  • Improves skin appearance.
  • Instantly soothes skin.

DXN Cacao Essential Mask helps to vitalize skin, soften skin and improves skin elasticity.

  • Supports skin elasticity.
  • Vitalizes and soften skin.

Soft Tencel Mask Sheet is extracted from eucalyptus tree and it is foft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable.
The mask sheet comes in smoth and silky, soft surface that drapes beatifully to fatter every part of your face.